America’s Magnificent Rivers

The United States has some of the most marvelous rivers on the planet, but their contributions to its founding conflicts are often overlooked. Discover the roles they played in America’s wars.

American Chestnuts on Arbor Day

The American Chestnut was almost a perfect tree, until blight killed more than three billion trees a century ago. Learn more about the organizations working to protect these majestic beauties that hold so much history.

Spelunking for Saltpeter

The winter weather may have you thinking about hibernating to escape the cold, but there are some places that might make for interesting adventures – caves!

Bats on the Battlefield

Welcome to Bat Week! With Halloween on the horizon, we’re seeing lots of scary images of ghosts, goblins, witches and bats! Bats, however, are not scary, nor just an image. They’re mammals, just like us. Bats are generally active at night, part of what causes fear in humans.

Summer at Perryville

Joni House, the manager of the Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site, leads a tremendous effort to interpret the Battle of Perryville and maintain the bucolic landscape as it appeared in 1862. We asked Joni to share more about the nature at Perryville in the summertime – what she describes as a “living wreath” of rolling hills of wildflowers and native grasses.

Spring on the Battlefield

Welcome to the first installment of the American Battlefield Trust’s Nature of History! We’ll be highlighting all the environmental benefits of historic battlefield preservation. We hope you’ll enjoy the beauty of nature as it exists on our nation's most hallowed battlegrounds.

Introducing The Nature of History

The American Battlefield Trust has preserved over 50,000 acres of land that include wildlife habitat, soils, streams, trees, flora, and fauna that are part of our ecosystem. In this new quarterly email series, we’ll be highlighting all the natural resources present on and affected by battlefield land preservation. We hope you’ll enjoy the beauty of nature as it exists on our most hallowed ground. Learn more about the environmental benefits of battlefield preservation.